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Your dark fairy is not just "nice" ... I absolutely love her. And you knew! *still feels the rainbow polkadots on my face* Thank you for the heads up. I love that she looks so organic and "grown". the skirt is like a calyx, the bodice a leaf skeleton and the gloves can be both clothing or skin pattern. Your shading and use of color makes the wings alive, funktional. I adore the shiny wave of hair ... and of course I'm biased by the color scheme. ^^ She's so lovely ... *blinks* ... O.O She's bad! She has claws and a nasty sting and a malicious smile! I love her big glowing eyes ... and how they match the bodice. The antennas are fun ... fluffy and kinda glowing at the same time. And then ... then there are the "naughty" silk stockings ... O.O I love how you merged those contrasts in a harmonic fascinating sight. You are NOT spamming! When you'd kept silent I'd not even noticed that the sketch is "off-topic". I don't know Vampire Hunter D ... for me it works perfectly as Rouge' Curse Rayek - the flowing hair, the cloak pattern, even the hat. Once again I love the flowing lined and the movement in the picture.