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(sorry it took me a few days to post these pics, folks... i've been busy busy, lol... this is going to be a long post, this is your fair warning!! LOL)
IMG_2039 - Copy (800x232)
and of COURSE, i had to make the sheath for it too, so here's the finished project all together!
IMG_2067 (800x306)
once finished, the materials i used were recycled cardboard, packing tape, aluminum-foil tape, several cleaned chocolate wrappers to start the pommel's ball-shape (lol), a couple of short pieces of crafting wire (to help hold the key straight and so that i could easily straighten the top of the blade after battles with my daughter, lol) and for the sheath's coloring i used a blue Sharpie marker with clear top-coat nail polish on top to seal it and make the blue sections shine. as i said, i had to use objects i could find around my house, and the only thing i had to buy was the aluminum-foil tape, found at the local hardware store!
here's my attempt at editing both a finger and my wrist-watch out of an image using the only pic-editing program i had at the time: good ol' Microsoft Paint, LOL!!
4 fingers New Moon no watch2

ok, so my next project was the Wolfrider helmet from the Battle for the Palace of the High Ones, here's my daughter modeling the first rough draft of the base (which i ended up not using this one and i re-made it, lol). she was growling and howling while she had it on! that's my girl!
IMG_2453 (800x607)
here's me, wearing the almost-finished cardboard base for the helmet...
IMG_2459 (800x800)
Here's the finished project with the aluminum foil tape! the total materials i used for this project were cleaned recycled cardboard (from pizza boxes, LOL), packing tape, aluminum foil tape, and a black Sharpie for the details.
IMG_2479 (small)
and one more shot of it shining in the sunlight...
IMG_2476 (small)

OK ONE more quick project (for now, lol) and then i'll end this long post (sorry 'bout that!); my ElfQuest earcuffs, made from copper craft wire! i made these for my Moonshade cosplay last year, therefore these were also practice runs for my Moonshade-styled hair, lol.
Image97 (428x386)Image98 (428x402)
Image99 (428x399)Image100 (428x411)

i already have plans to start on my next cardboard project, which will be a Wolfrider shield to go with my helmet! after that, my plans are to hopefully create a Go-Back set to match! ;) ah, the Mis-adventures in Boredom of a Stay-At-Home Mom who's a HUGE ElfQuest fan! ;)