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Oh dang... this thread is oooold, yikes!! The biggest problem I've run into lately is my friends have vanished from here or they no longer own characters, or the reference link just isn't there anymore... so I'm reopening the request list and starting all over on a clean slate. REOPENING SPRITES ONLY! Here's who I've made: http://katslegends.x10host.com/Sprites.html I'll make OCs for yall as well as missing canon characters... anyone you want as long as their elves... I'm not quite good enough to make trolls yet. All I need from you is a name and a reference pic. My canon todo list: One-Eye Treestump Savah Toorah Suntoucher Female Door If you've requested above and it's not on the sprite page, please post your reference again so I can do them ASAP. Trying to keep my sprite/dolling mojo going as long as I can this time. Also, if you see a sprite of yours not with the rest of yours on that page, I beg of you, please let me know... When I get them done, I'll post the here and in the Dollz thread.