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Ah, so we have a few related issues here. 1. Off-topic stuff in the off-topic category 2. Off-topic comments elsewhere (i.e. in Elfquest stuff) 3. Chat threads, the use of forum threads as chat rooms Can we approach them separately? 1. Surely Off-topic will always be OK in the off-topic category, it's what it's there for. 2. I don't think we need to try to avoid off-topic conversation in Elfquest-related threads anymore, because we can split and merge threads if ever a particular thread goes off the rails. It's much easier now to just let everyone talk about whatever they like, thanks to the shiny new forum software. 3. Chat-party threads. Folks seem to be having fun in them, right? But I agree it would be better in a real chat box, rather than using the forums as a chat system. I bet this is what Thornbrake doesn't like--he'd certainly be far from the only person to complain about chat threads. Nibblet, do not be deterred from using the off-topic category. Fight for your right to party.