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Nightsea said: the ever changing ears of Krill!
On every page we see her, her ears are different styles!
*chuckles* Believe me, Skimback is far worse there! As of FQ#2, Krill only changed her ears when Korafay's birth was approximating; at the "day long party" she had them shaped exactly like Brill's, and somewhat differently (but still with the scalloped edges) when Skywise and Leetah left the holt. Usually instead the shape she sported more often was near-regular, with slightly longer earlobes; even in "Turning Tide" where she has only a few sporadic appearance there always seem to be something near the base of her ears that could be flesh-shaped earlobes. The switch in the Final Quest Special might have something to do with the celebration at hand - we haven't really seen her afterwards so there's no saying if she chose to "stick" to that look or went back to the old one. But Skimback? Check from his very first appearance in Turning Tide (forked tips with a ridge on the ear) and all through the NWD stories, up to Discovery! It's like he's only recently decided which shape suits him best XD Even in Discovery there was a point when he just went for extra-long earlobes... and that was after sticking to his current look (which is similar to Snakeskin's) for longer than he has ever done in the past! I'll put up a collection of his flesh-shaping extravaganza laterz - but really, I always found it hilariously silly of him :D *huggles Skimback*