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Leanan, Redhead Ember, Mrs.Grizzley and Trollbabe, so nice to see you all again! Laurel, I don't think our paths had crossed much but it's nice to see you too. :) The forum really seemed deserted there for awhile after the hacks and new format. I stuck around for a bit but it seemed like everyone I knew had gone and life, the universe and everything was getting in the way anyway... and before I knew it I'd drifted away too. I missed it a lot, though. So much that I joined another mailing list based on a different author which was kind of fun and had some similar vibes (especially the way one person could be counted on to lionize her particular favorite character and another person could be counted on to demonize the same character... it was interesting watching that happen from the outside for a change!) but in the end it just wasn't the same, maybe because as much as I enjoy the author's works, I've never really been interested in doing fanfiction for it. Whereas Rayek is still so blasted embedded in my head that I've already got a new idea for a story.