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I am feeling quite inept at the moment, having spent the better part of an hour trying to find "the forums" and I keep finding articles with responses (which I have to stop to read because, ELFQUEST) and then I began to wonder to myself, maybe THIS is "the forums?" So anyway...I finally got to listen to episode one (so grateful I could put it on my ipod nano to listen to on my hour long daily commute to/from work since I couldn't figure out soundcloud) and right about 6 minutes into it I'm already muttering at it. "No, they're not TRAPPED" I say, as IF David or Ryan could even remotely hear me. Well then I reminded myself that they CAN "hear" me if I comment on the forums! Now that I have the boring preamble out of the way...THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DOING THIS!! At about 6 minutes in, they're struggling to describe what happens to the elf's spirit when the elf dies. I believe the term they were searching for (they tried trapped, tied, bound) is TETHERED. In astral projection there is a silver cord that tethers the spirit to the body, kind of like a grounding point so the spirit can "remember" where to return to. So it is my opinion, that when the elf's body dies, the tether snaps and reaches for the most familiar to ground itself once again. And what is more familiar to the immortal elves than the palace of the high ones or the holts to the wolfriders? Winnowill didn't *belong* ANYWHERE so of course she went into some sort of limbo until Rayek got to her. Anyway...that's just my opinion. Near the end, when the criticisms begin about how Wendy & Richard did this or that, mainly Ember's decision to surrender, putting Tier in charge, and the Djun not being in enough pain...really annoyed me. First, it's THEIR story, THEY'RE telling it, who are any of us to opine, that they're doing it wrong? How can they be doing it wrong? This part just doesn't make sense to me, sorry. Second, if I were to entertain their criticisms, I think their arguments for Ember's surrender were probably close to what they meant, and as they mentioned a number of times, how Ember & Tier were connected on at least a subconscious level. So it was probably just instinct on Ember's part, to put her mate in charge. Seeing the Djun teach Ember what fear is, all of his instruments of pain, reminds me of a BDSM dungeon. Perhaps he is a masochist and ENJOYS the pain of his berries being nearly sundered from the sac from which they came. Plus, he's confident he's going to get Mender to fix em, so maybe he can compartmentalize the pain into fodder to scare Ember with? Just alternate explanations as to why Wendy & Richard did it this way, not agreeing that they did it wrong. Now that I've babbled on and on enough to drive any editor with ocd crazy, I hope I didn't offend. You've pointed out things that never even occurred to me (in the artwork/inks/layouts/history), and inspires me to read them yet again. It's almost like you've told us where the easter eggs are and turned us loose to go get them! I'm looking very much forward to the next episode (I've downloaded all 3 from itunes) and arguing with it in my truck. :D