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Wolfbyke said: and right about 6 minutes into it I'm already muttering at it. "No, they're not TRAPPED" I say, as IF David or Ryan could even remotely hear me. Well then I reminded myself that they CAN "hear" me if I comment on the forums!
Heh heh, then we must be doing something right! We WANT you guys to shout and react and "talk" to us -- and this is the perfect place to do it!
Wolfbyke said: TETHERED
YES! That's the exact word!
Wolfbyke said: Near the end, when the criticisms begin about how Wendy & Richard did this or that, mainly Ember's decision to surrender, putting Tier in charge, and the Djun not being in enough pain...really annoyed me.

First, it's THEIR story, THEY'RE telling it, who are any of us to opine, that they're doing it wrong? How can they be doing it wrong? This part just doesn't make sense to me, sorry.
We absolutely agree that it's Wendy and Richard's story to tell and our goal was definitely not to negatively criticize. At the same time, Ryan and I both feel that to have a good podcast and a genuine discussion, we want to express the things that perplex or trouble or confuse us (and other fans) and talk about them. But we completely recognize that it's just our opinion and we will be better about making that clear. And you should definitely listen to episode #2 because we come back to the discussion about Ember's decision after Wendy clarified some things about it on Facebook. After you listen to that one, let us know what you think here.
Wolfbyke said: You've pointed out things that never even occurred to me (in the artwork/inks/layouts/history), and inspires me to read them yet again. It's almost like you've told us where the easter eggs are and turned us loose to go get them! I'm looking very much forward to the next episode (I've downloaded all 3 from itunes) and arguing with it in my truck.
YAY!! Please keep giving us feedback! Thanks for listening and we're so happy that you enjoyed the show!