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Thornbrake said: We absolutely agree that it's Wendy and Richard's story to tell and our goal was definitely not to negatively criticize. At the same time, Ryan and I both feel that to have a good podcast and a genuine discussion, we want to express the things that perplex or trouble or confuse us (and other fans) and talk about them.
Let me throw our two dreamberries in here and say, we totally "get" that people have feelings, reactions, speculations, favorites, pet peeves, etc. about Elfquest. It would be a dull world indeed if the only thing to happen when a new issue (or a new podcast) came out was "That was nice. What's next?" We enjoy a good round of discussion, especially if it gets others' imaginations going. For what we hope are obvious reasons, we can't get too involved with those discussions - first, because we do know the story we want to tell and that's how it's going to go down. Second, because we may tease but we'll never give away anything that could be a spoiler. Third, we must avoid any potential for someone saying "Hey, you got that idea from me!" And fourth, time! All that said, however, we enjoy the free-for-alls that get started here. And, when we can, we'll even join in.