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Tavie said: Love the shout-out in the new episode, Ryan - just one thing: Tavie rhymes with GRAVY! :) (not savvy) (hee hee)

Still listening so more feedback later!
OK, so later in the podcast Ryan then goes on to pronounce my name correctly re: his Canadian accent, so that's also pretty hilarious. I am going to join Lehrigen, Yun and others in the ranks of "characters" that cause Ryan's pronunciation skills pause! PS, something @Thornbrake said made me pause the podcast, go read a profile (Yurek's) which linked to a page in the comics and then I found myself basically sitting here rereading the comics online for a good hour or so. A pleasant rabbithole to fall down, to be sure. All of this talk of Kahvi and Two-Spear and magic pools and such reminds me that I never actually did read those miniserieseseses. And it's in question, right, whether that's canon and whether Kahvi's actually Two-Spear's daughter? (Or is that accepted as canon? I get so confused.) So... SHOULD I go back and read those series? Or will they just confuse me if they turn out not to be canon? (More details to try to keep straight, etc)? Are they worth reading?