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And that's why Tavie rhymes with gravy! Hey guys- I finally got a chance to listen to your most recent podcast. Thanks for the shout-outs! That was really cool! Just as a response to the whole Kahvi/Tier's mom business.. If Thornbrake is right, and there are a limited number of elves on the planet- I actually think that makes the notion of Tier, as Kahvi's son, stumbling across Ember's tribe... even more implausible. Because that means that- of all the places on the planet- this guy just happened to be on Ember's continent in that same area of the non-woods... and that seems increasingly, statistically unlikely the more you reduce the numbers of elves. I mean- the Go Backs started off on Cutter's continent- and they started off on foot, wandering away from the Frozen Mountains. So.. To end up where Ember is, they had to cross and ocean (on foot?). And then, thousands of years later, Kahvi would have had to cross the same ocean (on Tyldak?) and found them... And then tier would have had to have wandered around that continent, thousands of years later, until stumbling across Ember's small group by sheer chance. Not likely. Edited in: That would be like if your dad's cousin in Prague, who you knew as a kid (who, incidentally, had the major hots for your dad), wandered around Europe on foot for ten years, before catching a paddle boat or hang gliding across the Atlantic to the Americas (let's say they landed in Virginia) then wandered in some random direction on foot until giving birth to a kid... Who somehow, on foot, ended up in Kansas, at the exact bar you frequent after work... In a small town you just happened to settle in a week earlier because your car ran out of gas on a cross country drive and you realized home prices were cheap... And then you both fell madly in love because this second cousin of yours also just happened to be your one and only predestined soul mate. Continents are large. Edit concluded. I really liked the long format, btw. I listen to this while working- and it lulls me into a blissful, productive state. Thanks again!