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lunakat said: Hey guys- I finally got a chance to listen to your most recent podcast. Thanks for the shout-outs! That was really cool!
You're welcome! You have strong ideas and you articulate them well and we wanted to talk about them.
lunakat said: I really liked the long format, btw. I listen to this while working- and it lulls me into a blissful, productive state.
Excellent. That's exactly what we want to hear!
lunakat said: If Thornbrake is right, and there are a limited number of elves on the planet- I actually think that makes the notion of Tier, as Kahvi's son, stumbling across Ember's tribe... even more implausible. Because that means that- of all the places on the planet- this guy just happened to be on Ember's continent in that same area of the non-woods... and that seems increasingly, statistically unlikely the more you reduce the numbers of elves.
So, it looks like I'm not going to change your opinion. 8-> I do think your points about the plausibility of Teir being Kahvi's son (as well as about Kahvi being Two-Spear's daughter) totally valid. But I also know that applying statistical likelihood to a fantasy story often sets one up for disappointment. =(( >:> That said, when some plot development or character action or other element niggles away at my personal sense of logic or preference, I sometimes have to remind myself that Wendy and Richard are telling the story they want to tell, and that if I'm going to continue to enjoy Elfquest in the bigger picture, it's best to not focus on those particular things. Luckily, there are very few of those instances! :o3