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To the light of Angrif's plans to attack the WaveDancers sometime soon, I wonder if the WaveDancers, and particularly Brill and Sunstream, will be going to fight for their home or hide in the Palace? This reminds me of the caption in the Lovemates Calendar. They both proved to be willing to look danger in the face when Korafay was born - and it's not like the WaveDancers haven't struggled against humans (and won, at least by the look of it) before now. Sunstream, at least in the Special, does not seem to share Moonshade's vision of the Palace as a "shelter" from the cruel reality of the world outside its walls; when the other WaveDancers were all worked up because Brill wanted to give birth in the open sea, he said "I stand with her". Now that the elves know about Angrif's plans and have the means to reach the WaveDancers way before the Djunsmen do, do you believe the lovers will be among those who fight the expanding human invasion? (I'm positive many WaveDancers will want to fight, among them Krill, Skimback and Sandsparkle even just based on what we saw of them in the "WaveDancers" story arc. Now the elders - and perhaps Foam's family - might instead decide to seek shelter in the Palace instead.)