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Funny you should mention that... With the Alternaverse relaunching September 6th (that's right, I've set myself a hard deadline - ack!) I thought I'd share an excerpt from the first new fic. This takes place several thousand years after the last stories left off, and Swift has... evolved somewhat. Tam had never understood why some elves would willingly shed their skins. Her childhood had been filled with loss and blood – to her, death had always been ugly, and enemy to be fought. That the elf lived on in spirit seemed precious little consolation. Life was flesh, and the heady sensations that went with it. Life was chasing the bloodsong and outrunning the great stillness. What possible consolation could be found in being a hollow wind whistling through the trees, or trapped within the Palace’s crystal spires? Spirits lived in pure thought. They could see and hear but never quite touch. To spend eternity thus, insubstantial, separated from loved ones still alive, able to commune in sendings but no more… when she thought about it too much, it stuck her as almost crueler than simply winking out of existence. But now she understood. Leaving one’s skin wasn’t a loss; it was a transformation. She soared through the emptiness of space, freer than the highest-flying bird. Her earthly eyes had seen the blackness between the stars and thought it cold, but as a spirit she knew better. Space wasn’t empty; it was scattered with new treasures to explore. Streams of solar wind tickled her spirit’s aura. As she passed through tails of gas molecules, she swore she could taste them like spices on her tongue. When she struck a passing spark of radiation, she tingled all over with static. She had been so wrong; the spirits weren’t deprived of sensation – they were awash in it. Purer, subtler awareness than a crude husk could ever perceive. Don't worry, more to come soon. :)