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Oh, it feels crazy to be back with Swift and the gang. I really seem to go through "feast or famine" when it comes to the Alternaverse. Trying to reboot it crossed my mind from time to time over the years, but I just couldn't get past writer's block. And then Sun Girl and I spent like a whole weekend flipping through Readers Collections, laughing about the good ol' days in the Alternaverse and trying to figure out just where Final Quest is going. Didn't really think anything would come of it, but within a week I swear I was on a dreamberry overdose. So lately Swift and the gang are constantly on my mind, especially as the Alternaverse will be going far into the future, and I'm trying to figure out how elfin society might evolve over 10,000 years when the Palace is still there to link up all the tribes. World building has always been my first love. So while there are going to be a few "classic" stories set in familiar territory, Swift and the crew will also be going into uncharted territory! It's been really... creatively invigorating I guess would be the word(s).