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RedheadEmber said: Except for the rare cases in which one of the recognized gets captured and the other falls off a cliff...

I'd say that the whole 'Blue Mountain incident' was pretty important, not to mention the Palace War.

Or what about the Shards War?

Maybe most of the recognitions happens with nothing important happening because most of the elves are Lucky enough to not recognize when they're about to end up in a battle.
Ok, I need to be a bit clearer: the immediate advents surounding a recognition tend to be important, but: there was a huge time-lapse after the Cutter/Leetah recognition [makes sense, it's to stress the peacefulness of the time, and the twins needed to be older for the story-line]; minor time-lapse after Windkin's birth; Tyleet and Venka [but they coincide with the summary of the 10.000 years]; with Pool, Sust, Chitter and Suntop's child it's the same. Elves recognise, then we jump two years (birth-scene) and mostly then some years again until there are at least some reasonable kids or mostly teenagers/young adults (yes, babies don't make interesting protagonists). My issue is, there are important events going on (Angrif and the possible end-game for the elves) and I can't see why a "plausible time-lapse" (as in 'sudden 12 to 25 years of peace) might happen