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Name (your real name, or whatever you want us to call you): Theresa

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Occupation: Was graphic designer, now I'm a mom

Favourite food: I love chinese, sushi, thai

How long have you been a fan of EQ? 1989

How did you become a fan? An old high school boyfriend introduced me to it and I've been hooked ever since.

Who's you're favourite character? I don't really have a favorite. I like them all!

What kind of music do you like, and which bands/artists? My tastes are really varied: I like 80's music, dance/techno (when I can get a decent station in when I'm near San Francisco,) alternative, classical (I used to play the cello,) Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, 70's singers and songwriters, New Age

Which other comics/graphic novels do you read? Only Elfquest

What are your hobbies? with a 14 month old son, it's hard to have hobbies! Probably b&w photography, oil painting, charcoal drawing

Favourite films? LotR, Star Wars, Alien(s), Jane Austen movies such as Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, etc., Anime such as Aeon Flux, Macross Plus, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Machine (and I'm a purist: I only like the subtitled versions,) 2001, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Something About Mary, when I was a kid I loved the Dark Crystal, the Last Unicorn, Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan (my father took me to see all of those--whata guy!). When I was a kid I also loved Robotech, G-Force, Thundercats, He-Man, and one (I don't remember the name) where all these different cat machines would come together to form one man/robot---does anyone remember this one? There might have been a couple of versions of this.

Do you like videogames, and if yes, which games? Nope

How are you like/describe your personality: I'm quiet when I first meet someone, have a good sense of humor, laid-back, "one of the guys" (I can't stand cattiness, intrique, gossip---which seems contrary to my taste for Jane Austen--go figure! Grin Perhaps its a lot more entertaining when watching from the outside looking in!), I love a good beer and pizza, and I'm completely in love with my husband and son, and am considering having another ankle-biter soon.

Describe how you look: This picture was taken just before I delivered my son, so I look a bit bloated!