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With just over a week to the relaunch, here's another excerpt from Swift's first new adventure: **Come on!** Fahr sent, laughter in his spirit-voice. She saw him ahead of her with her spirit-sight. He was a dancing ball of light, flitting towards the great yellow star. Chasing after him required no exertion, no fumbling of limbs. She simply thought herself at his side, and there she was. Their auras spun around each other, aglow with joy. Spiralling together, their spirits fell into the corona of the star, into an invisible fire that writhed and breathed like a living thing. Tam marvelled at the flames dancing over her aura, heat without limit, heat without pain. **This is what I’ve longed to share with you,** Fahr cried. **The stars are alive!** **Yes… yes! I never understood before. I saw their light… but I could never feel them. Oh, Fahr! Now I truly hear your starsong.** **This way.** **What, deeper?** She contemplated the depths of roiling ball of fire. **Come on, Tam. Don’t tell me you never wondered what it would like to swim in fire.** **Swim?** she exclaimed. But Fahr was pulling her spirit further down. They passed through layers of heat, some mild as a warm breeze, others crackling with the taste of lightning, still others thick and turgid like a river in spring thaw. They passed through great arcs of burning gas. They dove into waves of it, they splashed and swam and swirled each other about in a spirit’s dance. Tam might have been content to float on the star’s surface forever, letting the currents carry her across the glowing globe. But Fahr drew her deeper still, into a world where the pressure was so great she could feel her astral form compressing, transforming. He showed her the very center of the star, where the miniscule seeds of its life were baked in tremendous heat and pressure, until they fused together with a burst of flame. He took her through the loops of energy that held the star together, like threads sealing a seam in a bag. He taught her how to ride on a spark inside the loops, travelling out towards the star’s surface, then plunging back to the center in a dive more thrilling than any ever made astride a giant hawk.