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Here's a little something more to tide you over ;) Continuing where we left off: Time meant nothing to spirits. Tam could not begin to reckon how long they spent playing inside the star. But finally Fahr grew restless to show her more. **Come, let me show you why I picked this star.** He led her back into the gentle stillness of space. After the overload of sensations inside the star, Tam found it a pleasant idyll. But soon they reached Fahr’s next destination. As she saw the rocky planet grew ever larger, she found she was hungry for new experiences. **It’s like our Mother Moon!** Tam exclaimed. **Yes. But it is a world of its own. It circles its sun by itself.** They sailed down over the planet’s surface. It was a desert world, searing hot from its proximity to its sun. Mountains and craters scarred its terrain, creating intricate overlapping patterns of fractured rock. Tam dove down into one such fissure. She followed it deep under the planet’s surface. When she reached solid rock, she plunged deeper still, to taste its particular mixture of minerals. Then she swam back up to the surface, through deposits of gold and greymetal. They played a game, trying to find the largest crater, then the smallest one, then the one with the most interesting features. They found the terminator that separated the planet’s day from its night, and they skated on the frost that gathered beyond the sun’s rays. They found tiny little creatures, scarcely more evolved than bacteria, growing in the shadow of a crater at the planet’s northern pole. Then Fahr suggested they visit the next world. **There are more?** He laughed. **There are always more!** The second world was wreathed in heavy clouds. From space, they looked peaceful, within them thunderstorms raged, and the air tasted of poison. At the planet’s surface, the heat and pressure made soft metals turn liquid and pool on the reddish ground. They sampled each little puddle they could find, then counted lightning strikes from the storms that raged forever overhead. **Surely nothing can live here.** **Haven’t found it yet. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t here. Who knows. Maybe there are spirits living in the lightning. Maybe they’re saying hello to us.** **Let’s find out.** They chased down the lightning. They leapt onto the electricity as it sprang back into the clouds, then rode the next bolt back down to the planet’s surface. They let themselves float on the wind, and soon flew all the way around the entire world. Then they spread their spirits out on the rocks, bathing in the strange orange glow. **Wait until you see the third planet,** Fahr sent. **You’ll think you’re back on Abode.** Abode. The sending conjured memories of her birthplace, of the friends and family still walking its surface. Tam felt exhilarated and oddly mournful at once. She wished they could all be here to share her joy. **Let’s go, then!** But she felt something tethering her to the rocky plain. A presence, holding her gently pinned. Were she still in her body, she might describe it as a hand resting on her arm.