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Weapons are special to the elves, it is a part of their identity. Think of Bearclaw and Cutter and Newmoon. Pike, Redlance and Huntress Skyfire all have the spear as a part if their identity. Ember's lost sword may mean something later on. Maybe Angrif Djun manage to kill some of the elves with it in the end? Teir's sword may be found of humans in a more quiet part of the river, and play a part or become a symbol of something later in the story. Why is it weird that Windkin used Skywise's sword? He's more of an archer himself. (Scouter and Pool too) Does he have a sword of his own? In the special, he's pictured mainly with his bow, but seems to have a dagger a few times. But no sword. When he flies of with Moonshade in the palace, he seems unarmed. No bow and arrows, no sword. (Working in the forges he would not really need to be armed anyway ) It seems like he went from the forges to the palace on a sudden whim, he could have gone unarmed, not thinking to bring weapons. After all he was only going to ask a question to someone in the palace. When the rescue party left to save Teir and Ember, there wasn't time to go get any weapons, they left instantly. My take is that Skywise and Cutter were the only two in the pod who were likely to carry weapons out of habit.