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About the cover, I'd say that after what Ember's been through and as the meaning of it all starts to sink in, I think its good she gets a bit of time and love with her parents. The humans have become a big danger to the elves, and I think its good if the next move of Ember's tribe is planned together with Cutter and the others. Ember's wolfriders could possibly stay on the mountaintop, I guess, but they could also decide to go elsewhere. The wavedancer's will need a warning about Angrif who's likely to come their way after Ember confirmed their existence. I dont think Ember will choose to stay in the palace or at Cutter's holt. About the whole recognition thing, usually recognitions have occured after deaths, so it does make sense that Ember and Teir recognized after Krim's death. It makes me wonder if somebody else will recognize instead of Ember and Teir, or if they will be struck by recognition again at some point to keep up the number in the tribe. Also if the story of Zarhan Fastfire and Cheseri is something to go by, the soul of Ember and Teir's cub is already waiting in the beyond to be born. Anaya, daughter of Zarhan and Cheseri, waited ten years in the beyond to be created in flesh, and was an unsually difficult elfchild because she had to wait so long to be born.