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.....now i'm wondering if that was intentional or coincidence...>.>... hmm...well technically you could regrow ANYTHING from genetic blueprints if you put the surrounding cells back into a fetal state...an elf blueprint says, "we need this organ like this." and thus, it will be so. i remember seeing the exact thing when Adam from Mythbusters did some immortality what if show...featured regrowing an arm with that exact process. so it's entirely possible there is no such blueprint for a humans brain, while there is one for the elfin brain. SCIENCE!....though yah. ...and yes, it is absolutely...she's definitely more twisted than Winnowill on a level...though at least Meli here learned how to love in her lifetime and not after. ....quite honestly, i think of your Swiftverse, and i think of my friend amethyst's Children of the World. in her au, the descendant of another band of high ones comes to Abode to the planet after the Palace war. she and some elf friends burst the draining field on Abode, and the elf is somehow able to ressurect all the "unjustly slain souls" in the palace....INCLUDING the currently Wrapstuffed One-Eye, and he gets his other eye back! and Vaya!...and all the elves get a huge burst of fertility with recognitions everywhere. i enjoy musing what would happen in the Swiftverse if such a thing happened. *cackles at the idea of Mura strolling into Green Moon Bay again*