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I'm glad to see your art has it's place on the Scroll again, Eyeshigh. *happy smile* The chalk drawing has its very own appeal. I love the soft color transitions and delicate shading. But there is more ... the look of this elf turned out very unique. Her features and lavish hair-do, the carefully designed headband ... last not least the astonished expression caught my eyes. I imagine a High One or first generation elf ... still close to her space origin but part of her new world already. Maybe a Wavedancer ancestor ... Elf-Pam (sorry, forgot her name) really illustrates your developement in coloring. You learned to draw with the colors. I love the rich texture and the soft, thick quality of the hair. The turned out looks smooth and nicely tanned. Shading and highlights make her really three-dimentional. And of course she is very alluring ... both in "old-fashoined" comic style and as a modern times beauty! ;) The warrior Princess is my favorite, too. I love her design - the fierceness, the angry glare, the mysterious headscarf ... and the traditional "mothfabric" outfit as a contrast. I absolutely love the flow and coloring of the head scarf. It's a nice detail that the top jewel maches her bright green eyes! This princes is fab! Now I have a mind picture of Jackwolfrider Chief Morninglight raiding the dens of the peaceful Forestdwellers - kidnapping the young chiefson Tam ... B-) I hope to see more soon!