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Dio said: Where Scouter and Nightfall are concerned I think part of their never mentioning being cousins is that it was added later to the story. And we never saw them very much together and interacting.
One thing I kinda found interesting about Nightfall and Scouter is that they're basically the mirror-version of Cutter and Dewshine. With Cutter and Dewshine the older cousin is the male one, while the younger is the female. With Nightfall and Scouter it's the other way around.
Dio said: And after hundreds and thousands of years I think relationsships change and lose importance. As Tyleet and Nightfall said in DreamTime 5 they became more like friends and less mother and daughter over time.
Yeah. This was actually the second bit I wanted to talk about, but decided not to post it in the initial post, since that one was already turning pretty big. However, this will have some spoilers for the issue 6 preview. S P O I L E R W A R N I N G Why was Teir so confused by the fact that Windkin could be friends with his sire? He'd already witnessed the more like friends relationship between Nightfall and Tyleet.