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sulken said: Sooo what was the unexpected betrayal Strongbow had to face? His kids moving out? A youngster (Ember) being of his opinion? He's a wuss!
Yeah! Grow a pair, Strongbow! Your grown children moving out of the house is not a "shocking betrayal." Dart got a job and started supporting himself at thirteen (I'm guessing). How old is Chitter?
sulken said: I'm pretty convinced the souls of the dead immortals (can, if they choose to) return to the original homeplanet. What else could break them from the bound with the palace?
It doesn't say anywhere (that I can see) that they break from the bound with the palace... or does it?
sulken said: And all the dreams of of dreamtimes had probably some foreshadowing meaning.
I think this was confirmed at the end of Dreamtime- that all of the dreams were prescient.
sulken said: So Treestump might end up creating weapons which will turn against the elves. The new hold might get destroyed again (although this kind of definite destruction already befell the Thorny Mountain Hold). Maybe the Clearbrook will get stuck in the (symbolic) caverns :'( . Who knows?
I always thought Clearbrook's dream referred to her discovery of Audry in the troll-pit- during Searcher and the Sword?