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I had some thoughts about the different dreams in Dreamtime. Redlance: Holt (symbol for all Abode?) gets burned down but after recovery it gets completely destroyed (roots ripped out) in the end? Well, this happened to the Thorny Mountain Hold, but maybe it actually meant Abode? Nightfall: The lives of her beloved ones are threatened but in the end she finds (there is) a simple solution? Tyleet: She obviously learns the human tongue, but she also blends into their society (five fingers)? Pike: Escaping a danger by melting into the environment (becoming a dreamberry) and escaping by unconventional methods (be pooped out)? Shenshen: Darkness and dire threats, but she will shine (outshine Leetah)? Treestump: His way to protect his tribe in the end leads to its destruction? Clearbrook: Stuck in a hard place? (the way?) Strongbow/Moonshade: well, there are enough speculations out there about this one :) Cutter: his loved ones are removed from him Zhantee: new adventures, moving to new frontiers? Venka: leading a tribe by blending different methods? Focus on warmth and intellect instead of brute force? Skot/Krim? No idea, the dream seems quite straightforward, at least on the outside. So my idea, maybe more elves than just Jink will camouflage as being human while others, as we already guessed, will leave with the palace. Well, and remember the "What is the terrified Cutter missing"-teaser? His brother actually