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I feel terrible for typing this but...if this is the pace of storytelling for The Final Quest, I feel I'm better off waiting several years for the whole thing to wrap up before I buy another issue on release day. Make no mistake--I am of the OG Elfquest readers who had to wait 4 months for the conclusion of the original quest. (and I just happily shelled out $100 clams for the magnificent Gallery Edition) But each issue of Final Quest just leaves me more and more unsatisfied. I have come to the grim conclusion that I just don't care about Ember's tribe, she continues to be treated miserably with no end in sight, the Djun is a crap villain (of the rankest mustache-twirling variety), Teir's a whiny beeyotch, and I practically applauded at the sight of Khavi's mangled, bloody corpse being eaten by wolves--only to realize oh my gods even dying can't seem to shut her up. The swords are important somehow I guess but I don't really give a crap, Strongbow's still kind of a dick and OH MY GODS I MISS CUTTER, LEETAH AND SKYISE AND NIGHTFALL AND REDLANCE. Gorgeous art though, Wendy. Thank you. Ember's soul name is still kind of cool. And I was just kidding I'll keep buying when the issues come out, but I'm gritting my teeth. Happy Thanksgiving.