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@DemandingElf wrote:

Even further, I went to open my Elfquest Gallery edition (I am a hardcore fan as you can see) and noticed those 3 pages in the trolls cave are also missing. Any explanation regarding those discrepancies between the different editions?
The reason that these pages and many of the intro splash pages were not included in either of the Dark Horse books is that they were after-the-fact additions for the Marvel reprints in the mid-late 80s. They weren't part of the original story and my sense with both the Complete Elfquest series of books as well as the Gallery Edition is that they are meant to present the art and story as it originally appeared, and also to present in a way that previous editions did not. If your first introduction to Elfquest was via those Marvel reprints or from the Father Tree Press and DC graphic novels, it would seem like they were omissions, but for long-time fans who started with the original Warp comics and Donning graphic novels, these new Dark Horse books show Elfquest in its original form that we all started with.