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DemandingElf said:I began comparing the 2 editions page by page from the first issue. The horror! 3 pages from issues one are missing in the Dark Horse book. A 3 pages sequence of the wolfriders entering the trolls cave ending on a splash of the troll king sitting on his throne. Simply put, why?
I could be wrong- but I think these were extra pages added after the original publication to pad the story. I never really liked the additions, personally- as they just felt like filler. If this is what is missing- I don't think I would mind, personally. The gallery edition is supposed to be the original artwork- right? So that would fit. If, on the other hand, it's just three original pages missing- that would really piss me off.
DemandingElf saidA bit angry, I went to search some information about the dark horse book and to see how it was perceived by Elfquest fans on the Elquest site and forum to learn further that to my horror page 371 was repeated on page 405, making the supposed page 405 absent from the book.
Now this, irked me. I really want to buy the Elfquest collection for my niece- but I don't want to get her a version that is missing what happens to be a really nice page. Have they fixed this yet? Are the new printed versions out?