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sobenyree said: Any thoughts on the literature (Blood of Ten Chiefs Anthology) that says that Moonshade was the daughter of Mantricker by his lovemate Brightwater.
I thought it simply said that Moonshade is the daughter of Mantricker's lovemate, Brightwater, but that it's not really known who sired her. Completely random thought: Of the 17 Wolfriders escaping from the burning forest in EQ1 only Pike, Skywise, Scouter, Dart, and Newstar haven't become a grandparent. Cutter: Grandfather of Korafay Redlance and Nightfall: Grandparents of Pool One-Eye and Clearbrook: Grandparents of Pool Treestump: Grandfather of Windkin Dewshine: Grandmother of Teir Woodlock and Rainsong: Grandparents of Kimo and Serrin Wing: Grandfather of Bowki Strongbow and Moonshade: Grandparents of Bowki And there's still a possibility that Dart is a grandfather, without knowing it. Another thing: We know that the elves know about great-grandparents. But how many "levels of great" - so to speak - would they ever talk about? Could Korafay for example be heard talking about her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, or would that be too silly because she'd be out of breath before that?