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Ah drat. It tells the future too? That's sort of.. unfortunately.... deus ex machina. Back in Book 4, when Orolin turned the scroll- it seemed to me to be like a more advanced version of Egg. But Egg was recording elf history as he understood it, consciously. So the magic of Egg was that the story extended back to the beginning of elf time (on Abode)- but the limitation of Egg was that would have told the story of the Gliders specifically (or so I guessed). But the Scroll, we saw (when Timmain first turned it) held the history of the elves extending back through their journeys into space. So it was an even vaster collection of knowledge. Something Egg was just a footnote in. That made it pretty cool to me- but it still seemed to have limitations. When Rayek spent his days studying the scroll in 'Seige at Blue Mountain'- he talked to Kahvi and Ekuar about what he had learned about time, space, the elves themselves, etc. It made sense that it could hold that information- because it would have been a vessel of all the knowledge and experience the High Ones had accumulated. Which would be amazing! But that doesn't make it an all-knowing predictor of past, present and future. In Kings, however, he suddenly starts talking about the Scroll as if it is this independent entity. It had never been presented that way before- but there, suddenly, it was. It seemed to be recording elf history as it happened. Rayek expected to "see himself" in the Scroll. It was also possible- though- that if he was saying that he expected to see himself in the Scroll because he expected to be part of the High One's past- and that story, as recorded in the Scroll, was about to be changed thanks to time travel. In which case, the scroll would have had the same limitations. But that wasn't, apparently, what he meant. It became clear in later stories that the Scroll was recording history, magically, as it happened- with no real effort on the part of the elves. So why Orolin? What's the point of having anyone who was specifically dedicated to managing the scrolls? Why would the High Ones do that? And why Suntstream? If you have a magical book telling everything going on all over the world with your people.... why do you need some kid to contact them all telepathically? Why not just read about them and send a message? What's the point? But even then, there was some limitation to the Scroll if it only told the past and present. Now, though.... it tells the future? Really? So what's the point of any of this? Why are they doing any of this?