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I know you guys think it's exciting and cool to have this uber-magical, all knowing device in the story. But it's actually boring. Don't get me wrong- I really love Elfquest. But the elves can't be omniscient and still have a good story. You are going to end up with something that is just a lot of work around and excuses for why they aren't using a device that could save them all the trouble and plot they are experiencing. You've also, immediately, created some conflict in the plot. For example- how did Orolin, whose only job was to sit and read and turn the pages of a magical scroll that could tell past, present and future, miss the fact that his ship was about to crash? Why were the High Ones even looking for "others like themselves" by visiting other planets and flying through space? Why would they need to do that, when they can just read what's going to happen when they land somewhere- or check out where their friends are in the Scroll? And why don't our current crop of elves, who are much less powerful and capable than the High Ones, need an Orolin? Why are they able to just turn it, without having to put themselves in wrapstuff or a deep sleep like Egg? Why are a couple of former Wolfriders, who have been doing this a short time, more capable of multitasking than two ancient elves who had (to all appearances) been doing it all their lives as their sole activity? What was that about?