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I'm also not super stoked about the Scroll being this big, all-seeing tool. Maybe the elves don't know how to read it very well yet. Maybe that's why Sunstream is deciding to link the elves together with sending...they don't know how to do it any other way, or don't have the capability. Maybe Orolin was the one who turned the Scroll, not because he was the only one who could turn it, but because he was the only one who could really decipher what's in the Scroll. I'm guessing he was in wrapstuff, not because turning the Scroll required one to be in wrapstuff, but because reading and turning the Scroll was all he did, so putting him in wrapstuff freed him from bodily needs to focus fully on the Scroll and interpreting the contents. Thinking just about the sheer volume of stuff in the Scroll, I could easily see him getting wrapped up in some other portion of the Scroll and not seeing the ship crashing, especially if he was in wrapstuff and the ship was less relevant to him than his more physical friends. Maybe Timmain's previous use of the Scroll to describe the elves' past is a reflection of her own limitations, she can only see the past. Maybe the Scroll has temporal limitations, like it can only show so much at a time, but never past a point. Or a location-based limitation, which is why perhaps the High Ones were looking for others on other planets, because the Scroll couldn't "detect" them. Or maybe it has parts it can't show for some reason. Or maybe it just likes certain people and knows who will do the best with what knowledge instead of self-important navel-gazing (*coughRayekcough*).