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I am holding out hope that the Scroll doesn't foretell the future, rather shows a hazy range of possibilities based on current events. And I hope those hazy possibilities aren't set in stone.

Heather said: Even having the knowledge of how the world would end couldn't stop it from happening because even though they could see the future, they could not change it, because it has already happened.
Because this would be depressing. Then why bother? Why bother living? In order to get lost in the present, while knowing a depressing future, would give some license to be immoral and rationalize it.
Tam said: Thinking just about the sheer volume of stuff in the Scroll, I could easily see him getting wrapped up in some other portion of the Scroll and not seeing the ship crashing, especially if he was in wrapstuff and the ship was less relevant to him than his more physical friends.
This made me think of us now! With all our media...we have such capabilities to link with others on the other side of the world but we might be missing what is right in front of us demanding a little attention.......
Delhya said: Not overly thrilled on set destiny's, though I will read/reread and love every moment of this series to it's end if/when that comes, however the Pini's choose to tell it. <3