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I always saw the Scrolls as a big computer/server. And Orolin his keeper. My guess is he was wrapped up because of their travels in space, so he could concentrate on what was happening and record it in the Scrolls. And when they needed guidance he helped searching it in the Scrolls, like Timmain did after the Palace War. But Orolin wasn't alone in the Scrollroom! There were other beds and when the Trolls betrayed them, they cut open other pods as well! (I have seen it in the srcolls after the PW) Orolin was trapped in wrapstuff after they crashed, causing him to die after his pod tore. I don't know if they can see the future and if it is said in EQ, sorry if I missed it, but I will not like it if/ when they can...... I do think they will find some answers to dire questions due to the amount of Spirits in the Palace and the knowledge of the Scrolls. As for storing info while the Elfes weren't there..... what about the Spirits which returned to the Palace? Now we know they don't necessary stay in it, but we didn't know that before FQ, right? So maybe their collective memory shaped the info in the Scrolls. And Egg..... he knew about the Wolfriders and how it all started for him, Winnowill showed it?! So he wasn't just recording about the Gliders.