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Probably any paint you can buy in a store isn't. I just heard that from some guy I met in India (i hung out there for a few months once) whose family did miniature painting for a living. He said it was the cheapest color because it was made from camel urine. He said other colors (blue I think) were expensive because they were made from crushed (precious) stones. He said his family used to make their own paints. Painting miniature paintings was what they had supposedly been doing for generations. He said the paintings were considered, not just works of art, but almost like jewels because of the materials that went into the paint. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe his family had no idea how to make paint. I don't know. He didn't actually say it was made from cow urine- he said it was from dried camel urine. But I've never really researched it. I do have a yellow painting I did of a camel while I was there, though! We took a miniature painting class from him- and he told us this, then gave us the yellow paint. (If I remember correctly, I think it was a powder, and we had to mix water or some liquid with it.) He said to us "my family has been doing this for generations! You may find it difficult. That's okay." Then he looked at my painting and added "Or you may not." It actually did come out pretty nicely.