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"Any maiden here would say yes!" "Then why pursue me, my arrogant one?" "Because you are the only one worth having." "He has thrilled in the use powers long forgotten my most of his people, and he has reveled in the village's dependence on him during times of poor harvest. But now, another hunter has come... and worst of all, this upstart has dared to recognize Leetah for his own. Leetah... the only maiden who understand the old powers as Rayek does.." "You cannot defeat me! Leetah will be mine, once and for all!" Don't ask her how she feels or what she wants or anything. She's clearly a possession and trophy prize to him. That's why he feels he can "win" her in a contest- even though she has recognized someone else, and everyone knows it. And then there are his interactions with Kahvi when she was pregnant. He tries to control her because she is carrying his baby. You might argue that he has a point, but when Urda tells Kahvi that Rayek was "starting to like [her]," she points out that "when that one likes you, he lays claim." He also, incidentally, thought it was his right to kill her because she broke up with him and didn't appear to be upset out losing a child. Um... I have no words. When Aroree tries to warn Rayek about Winnowil, he describes her as "Tsk, poor creature... I'd say she has need of me." He has never even met her. How can he say that? What is he basing that assumption on? He then fully manipulates Aroree and is incredibly condescending to her. This, not so subtly, contrasts with an immediate cut to Skywise who, for all his womanizing, treated her a good deal of respect and kindness. Then, landing in the Holt, he talks about how he's going to just show up and take Winnowil and her Gliders to the Palace? Again- he hasn't even asked them. He has no idea if he can defeat this person. Everyone is telling him he can't. It's pretty clear, when they meet, that she one-ups him. And she does it by feeding into his obvious vanity. "I make no such judgments upon your strength, fear no loss of self in pleasing you." She knows that he needs to look down on his women. She even goes so far as to call him "Lord." How more obvious can it get? And then, of course, there's the entire story arc of Kings. He gets revenge for being disappointed by women with a massive machismo display of ego in smashing up the entire GoBack lodge, not caring who he harms or what the ramifications are. He then, steals Leetah into the future, casually assuming that once Cutter is out of the picture she will fall into his arms. Of course he does- because what is she even now but a possession of whatever male has her, right? He also casually assumes that Winnowil will submit to his intentions.