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Hey, everyone. Long time, now Howl as it were. Just coming back to add a bit as inspiration struck me in the middle of a slight slump that I was having in the first round of homework for this semester of university. Hope it inspires you all as well. Name: Greyvine Soul Name [if any]: Halrath. Motifs are a Timmorn-like hybrid, slight discoloration of the hair/fur, running, and heavy responsibility. Age: Unknown Race: Elf Gender: Male Appearance: Greyvine is on the tall and slender side for an Elf, not as tall as a Glider or one of the Firstborn but taller than the average Elf. His hair is a short and shaggy dark grey with rusty red color at the tips. His face is a bit sleeker than most others and his eyes are the color of rain. He generally wears brown leather pants and a vest made of leaves and vines. He has a birthmark on his lower right back, a slight discoloration of otherwise light skintone in the shape of a bear's head. Personality: Much like his father, Greyvine is gentle, understanding, and friendly enough sort of person, even though he prefers the company of his parents and animals more than others of the tribes, Trolls, or Humans. While he dislikes being alone, if he's deeply engrossed in something, he can lose track of time, once spending a week on hunting a group of animals through the grasslands without killing a single one of them, just to challenge himself. He does have a really good memory thanks to his father and a deep appreciation for where Elves came from. While he doesn't wish for his kind to leave the World of Two Moons, he does think of all the different groups of Elves as one big pack, belonging together, even if they are separated by massive distances. He does try to be responsible and perform his duty to the tribe while feeling separated due to his magic, feeling like he doesn't know what he really is; Elf or animal. Notable Talents: His notable talent lies in his knowledge of animals, including their habits and habitats, and geography [primarily sense of direction and remembering where things are/were]. Greatest Skill: His greatest skill lies in hunting and tracking pretty much anything that he can sense or notice markings/signs of. While this is hindered by certain kinds of intense weather and time passing, if he can find a suitable sign or perceive it, he can find it. These skills are followed a bit by general knowledge of anatomy that he uses to make use of whatever he needs to find, kill, or emulate with his magic. Racial Benefits [magic and such]: Greyvine, as an Elf, is quite agile, quick, and capable of Sending but is also stronger than he looks. This is primarily because of his particular magic: animal shapeshifting. While the High Ones and a few of the Firstborn were able to change shape into anything, Greyvine is strictly limited to anything of the animal world. His particular favorite shape is a large, grey bear, just a bit larger in proportions than his father's bond-bear, Blackthorn. While he is capable of changing into other animals, it takes a bit of practice if he hasn't done so before and leaves him feeling rather 'stuck' in the form, even if he can change back. The main issue with his magic is that he can get a bit too into his animal form's psychology and has to tread the line of not falling prey to instinct or coming out of his assumed form at the wrong moment. Weaknesses: Greyvine's primary weakness is that if he stays in one form for too long [time depends on shape assumed and if he uses Sending in this shape], he risks losing himself a bit at a time. The instinct of the animal can leave a lasting impression, such as paranoia from a prey type animal or the urge to hurt something from a predator. Weakest Ability/Skill: His weakest skill is skinning animals. As he is used to hunting them or making use of any resulting parts, the actual disassembling is a hard skill for him to pick up. It makes him physically ill at the thought of dissembling an animal, even though he needs to honor it somehow, as he has hurt and been hurt in multiple forms, acutely knowing what it would be like. Short History [if any]: Unknown as of yet. Relationships of Note: Redmane: As the son of Redmane, one of the Firstborn, it was expected Greyvine would be capable of using weather-shaping type magic like him. However, he proved that his talents lay elsewhere, primarily in tracking and in actually changing into animals to hunt and scout. His father is far from disappointed about this, instead thinking it good that his son is different from him in that aspect, but still hopes that Greyvine will prove to be a good lorekeeper in his own way. More to come. Other: Unknown as of yet. Based partly off of Redmane's use in Oakleaf Holt.