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Name: Night Soul Name: Anuom Age: a lot older than the years she counts Gender: female Appearance: dark skin, long dreads with purple ends, purple eyes, a little smaller than most elves Personality: introvert, interested in any other elf but not quick to share a lot about herself, intuitive Notable Talents: can control time to some extend, not violent when not necessary Greatest Skill: understands and can speak any language automatically Weaknesses: stubborn, introvert, very violent when pushed Short History: When she was born she was a happy little one, always laughing and playing, with big brown eyes and dark curly hair. All this changed overnight. Her eyes and hair, hair that was not that long at that time, turned purple. She somehow seemed older. Her eyes looked like she had lived more years than they knew she had. Because they were afraid she would die from this they gave her a sphere that would protect her. When it turned purple two the next night they realized she wasn't in danger, she had received a gift. A gift that would take their child away faster than they expected. Years later she turns more and more restless. She stays at the beach longer and longer sitting on a branch. Instead of being with her family she'd be staring over the sea hearing a call that only she hears. A ship comes, animals are trapped and Night gets on the ship knowing it would sale to the other side of the sea. The side with the answers...