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Zeina said: Wasn't that particular chamber also only accessed by preservers? And the trolls had been trying to open it a long time and Timmain said there's no way to without a preserver.
Yes. That's why she assumed Orolin survived- because he was in wrapstuff and sealed away in an impenetrable chamber. They had to send Petalwing in to open it. She said not even they could open the door without the help of the Preservers. I always thought that was pretty cool- how important such a small, annoying bug turned out to be. Petalwing was the key to everything.
Zeina said: I guess this might be dumb question but I'll ask it anyway: Are all the rooms in the Palace fully explored? I am pretty sure Timmain knows the Palace inside and out, but I've always wondered if there are hidden chambers that even she doesn't know about. Not likely, but the thought of it is kind of interesting.
That would be pretty interesting. She did, however, live in the Palace for as long as they travelled through space... which must have been a long time considering that it was time enough for two other species to evolve from mortal and ordinary insects and apes to intelligent and verbal, self aware, immortal creatures. I think that was probably enough time to completely explore the Palace- unless they were all incredibly unmotivated.
Thornbrake said: Yeah but there's no reason that Ekuar didn't shape that bed for One-Eye.
There's also no reason to assume it's a bed, just because One Eye is lying on it. It could be a table... or it could be a bench. I think it would make sense for it to be a bench. It's positioned right in front of the scrolls. It would make sense for it to be a viewing bench. Orolin, who we know was supposed to be wrapstuffed, didn't lie in a bed, after all. He was sitting in a chair to turn the scrolls. Why would someone else, doing the same job, be given a bed instead of a similar chair?