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lunakat said: She said not even they could open the door without the help of the Preservers.
Now this is interesting. The "dead" Palace we see at the end of the war seemed to be made of stone and metal. The material around the Scroll room was durable enough to keep the Trolls outside for milennia. and it had "things inside to push and pull" only a preserver could handle. Sounds like good old mechanics. http://elfquest.com/gallery/OnlineComics/index.php?s=OQ/OQ20&p=21 The "revived" Palace from Final Quest seems to be all palace stuff, filled with magic and changed by magic due to the will of the elves. You should think it is baclk to original state when they were starfarers. Petalwing states that he "do like in belonging time when Highthings first come". The conclusion would be that the Scroll room was (and is?) guarded by invincible walls and mechanics. Walls that cannot even be changed and tweaked by the magic of the coneheads/elves themselves. A panic room that is absolutely save and only accessable by Preserver help. Yet ... at the beginning of SHARDS the whole Palace shatters into crystal shards. Its all Palace stuff, made of "magical material" that can be (re)built and shaped by the will of elves and spirits. There MUST be a mistake in my reasonings and conclusions ... and right now my head is filled with Two-Edge's laughter! 8-X *head is twirling*