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Here's a VERY interesting point : old Palace vs activated Palace. Looks like the trolls DELIBERATELY BLOCKED the Palace's link to elves' magic, thus trying to prevent it being ever fully reactivated ( and detected, by the way ). 1. The humans and then the trolls pillaged the Palace for millenias 2. What Ekuar depicts about the Palace ( BEFORE the dome was erected ) shows that the magic of THREE stoneshapers was required to get through its door, and it was clearly hard to do so 3. The huge METALLIC dome was erected by the trolls - main reason invoked was "preventing the elves to come back to it" 4. IT TOOK A HUGE GATHERING OF MAGIC ( scene with Rayek, receptacle to the dead Gliders' spirits, "freeing" them all into it ) to reactivate the Palace 5. Even crushed down, the activated Palace KEPT that crystalline structure, meaning magic had FULLY flooded it Conclusions : . The Palace's inner magic DEPENDED greatly on the elfin firstcomers, and thus it "fell" into ruins after their departure, only the material superstructures remaining . King Guttlekraw MOST CERTAINLY FACED, not so long before the time of the "original quest", relatively speaking, a force of really powerful elves, fully determined to reach the Palace, with a real army and dangerous magic at their disposal - YET a magic NOT powerful enough to reactivate the Palace - I remember that warning by Two-Edge going like : " elves with REAL magic will come to reclaim the Palace ". AND I DO NOT MEAN KAHVI'S LITTLE BAND ( re-read Kahvi's own words on how RECENT the Palace's call was, consider how TRAINED and well armed and brutal the trolls are and the DEFENSES they built and maintained ! Remember Guttlekraw's motivating words : " .. OR IT WILL BE THE END OF OUR REIGN AND THE RETURN OF THEIRS ! " It speaks volumes, doesn't it..? ) . Guttlekraw's trolls were FULLY AWARE of the magical link between elves and the Palace, and the metallic dome was built to STOP it... which may very well explain ALSO WHY the (almost) ruined Palace, "feeling" that link was about to be nearly broken for good, sent an URGENT call to elves around.