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Now let's get back to the Scroll question. Maybe the reason why the (few wise) elves do not even TRY to question the Scroll about the future is that it would somehow PRESET that future, making it IMPOSSIBLE to be escaped from... and creating a totally unbearable boredom by forcing the one trying that to RE-LIVE every foretold day, week, month, year, century .. without any chance to escape that, everything that was foretold by the Scroll. HOWEVER.. When considering the LACK of wisdom of most elves ( " .. to a new goal : EXPERIENCE ! " ) .. I strongly FEAR they will try that anyway. An even more amusing thing about this point is that IF the elves could actually "see the future" with the Scroll, the firstcomers would NEVER have let themselves getting trapped on that world, in the first place, and even less with such dire consequences. Another thing : we've yet to discover WHERE that "elfin" form comes FROM, exactly. From Timmain's tale, the firstcomers CHOSE that form from some spying upon what "deities" and mythical creatures that the humans reverred, on this world of two moons. But EVEN when considering the time-loop effect, we still have NO clue on WHY that exact form was chosen, its exact origins. Or perhaps there's something waiting to be discovered, about that. But I'm more and more and even more certain that the REAL shocks, the most important revelations to come ( and to be presented to us readers' attention ) will come from the scrutinizing of the PAST, of some things that the Scroll recorded.