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Thornbrake showed
Oh, wow. This is a new one. Haven't seen him before. Where does it come from? He looks by far more impish and fiendish here. (true to his nature, ha :p) To say it with modern words: "*waaant*" But then, why, again Cutter? I finally want Rayek in my collection! :| You see, there are all these nice elves, eying each other: Elves_collection_busts_CutterLeetahSkywise_small But this is definitely missing Rayek inbetween. :| Also this one might want some more comrades. Cutter_statue01_small I admit that I did not yet find the time to assemble and paint him. If I remember correctly, there was one even larger statue of Cutter around. And then, there was that "action doll" run of ... um, uncertain quality. The sculpting was nice but the final product wasn't as great. The run contained Cutter (obviously, again him), Leetah, Tyldak and ... um, Picknose? Was it Picknose? I only got my hands on the first two. They also had some more sculpted but they did not go into production (I think they planned a second series, again with 4 characters). Why, oh why wasn't Rayek on the first run? He was sculpted already. :| Problematic was that they would easily topple over and not stand in place. Don't ask me how I convinced Leetah to stand for the photo and not fall over like a drunken lady. That was a bit unfortunate. EQ_Action (Sorry for the aperture opening, but light was too dim otherwise.) Oh, and there were these tin figurines (wouldn't pass RoHS today but anyway): eq_tinfigures_small Finally Rayek, even tough these figures are tiny. Well, that fixation on Cutter can't be good. Even though he kind of is iconic for the ElfQuest series there are many more characters worth to be sculpted. Did I mention Rayek? :| ;) (We Rayek admirers are not obsessed, we're just... ehm, overprotective?) Anyway, if Dark Horse is open to listen / read, I shall write them a few lines. Umm, we had an RPG, a board game, T-Shirts, breadboxes(?) and other things. I think not every item really fits elfquest (or maybe it depends on the age of audience) but I guess the stuff basically sold. At least to me. :D Today you can reach more people by internet, so it might be a good thing to put a few more things out. E.g. him: :| ;)