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*grins* -we get to see another glimpse at Korafay looking adorable. -Venka is stoked to have a brother -Ohler and Newstar are officially a couple! -Tyleet's hair can still predict the weather -Dart scolds Mender for his taking pleasure in making human hearts explode and compares him to Winnowill. Mender says he continues to aspire to be like Leetah and Cutter, but can never match them, OR Dart. -Freetouch is totally the new tanner -Ember notices the healed human cub is likely to be the next Shuna, but is unsure about the other three. -Sunstream confesses that he's reluctant to become the Elfin Wifi Router because reuniting the elves is Cutter's quest, not his, and he doesn't want to finish his father's work for him. Cutter says that's bollocks. Sunstream says he won't link everyone until Cutter says so. -Leetah realizes that many are requesting her healing powers and she isn't a big fan of it, because (I think) she's afraid of the changes the elves are feeling. She dreads removing Moonshade's wolfblood (it's not said outright, but come on, we all know it's coming), and then...Shenshen asks her to MAKE HER HUMAN. -Shenshen realizes that where she shines is in midwifery, but with Recognitions that are centuries apart, she doesn't want to wait anymore. Leetah agrees to change her shape to human so she can go be a midwife. -Cutter determines that the Palace has to be removed before the link is made. He goes in, presumably to talk it over with some High Ones, but also to figure out what's bugging Leetah...and sees human Shenshen, surrounded by elves. END.