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First attempt at a post on a forum ever here: (how does... what does THAT button do... hope this works! :) So I was wondering: doesn't anybody worry about Sunstream "shorting out" or overloading when he eventually connects everyone? and wouldn't he need the palace to boost or stabilize? Is this going to be something he can turn on or off at will? is he going to vibrate like a gong or freeze like a treewee whenever someone "calls" through him (serious survival hazard if so). wrapstuff? Poring through back issues for Jink and future-quest and dreams for hints... left with much speculation and anticipation. (Darn the Pini's are good at dropping just enough breadcrumbs!) The artwork is amazing, but if it wasn't for the storyline, we wouldn't be all abuzz. If we are getting cross species shaping... will we see cross species mating (as with Timmain in wolf-form) and what/ who will the result be? who else will be inspired? Two-edge as a healer's whim, a paradox of form... might he or any or all of them choose to reshape themselves again and again? I am SO looking forward to holding hardcopy with color in my hands! (thank-you TFAW) love the hints and so-called spoilers, they only make me hungrier for the real thing in hand. digital is fun, but there's just something about the smell of old books! I have been following Elfquest through it's many storylines since high school (1980's!) and I sometimes worry: if I get run over by a bus, I'm coming back to haunt the authors 'til I find out what happens. Ember, PTSD, pretty serious stuff, and part of her hero's journey. will be interesting to see how that plays out. Tier's abandonment issues are very real, this is how co-dependent couples come about unless both parties are very, very careful. Has anyone else caught the (perhaps) nod to Mercedes Lacky-verse with K'chaya (Kechara = beloved)? Where did Tier pick up that term of endearment anyway? ... hmm there was a story somewhere in the books (not illustrated) of a Lone female human healer with a big wolf as a companion that Willowgreen learned from... a Shuna prototype? looking forward to the next adventure! (and more spoilers to keep us guessing)