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I loved the back and forth between Mender and FreeTouch. . And i actually laughed out loud at Dart's 'i said simple' comment.. The look on his face. (and we now know where that '├žolour tease'from a while back came from..) And i sense some flriting between Dart and Mender. Mender's little comment directed at Dart being half dressed. Even while they are having a serious discussion there seems to be a spark...Should we start calling them 'Dender'? So far i like the more calm aspect of the issue over what came before. This is exactly what i always loved about eq, great interaction, plenty of humor. The issue had more depth to it than the more action orientated first 6. The art is stronger in this issue, especially all the pages after the Venka/Windkin meet up. And the way Wendy sort of breaks the fourth wall with Winnowill's finger above Mender. (Too bad though, it seems i do notice another re-used image, Savah in her Chair and Cutter kneeling. ShenShen running after Leetah looks added in instead of drawn into the scene) It just jumps out like a sore thumb to me. Still those are small things in an otherwise very strong 7th issue. I keep saying it almost with every new number, but this issue is def. my favorite one so far.. So much is happening and not happening, loads of good stuff. The colouring has been more lively also (although it seems Mender kinda switches between darker and lighter skin) I think i wil dubb this issue the 'smirks and pecs' edition.