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Yes, it does seem as if Mender is flirting with Dart. Maybe they are the same sex couple Wendy was talking about? I'm going to make the assertion that Dart has a definite proclivity. Cutter looked very hunky in his scene with Sunstream. Shen Shen... i wonder if she's going to start a trend? Maybe she will end up inspiring other elves to disguise themselves as human as well. Maybe, when the elves finally leave for the sky, some will stay behind in the guise of human beings? Maybe that's where the pyschic ones in Jink's story come from? I understand now why Cutter would want to remove the Palace. I don't think that is going to make Skywise very happy. He's definitely going to have to make a choice. But so will Cutter. Does it make sense to invite everyone to the Palace, but leave it essentially undefended in the case that some new elves might end up being aggressive? It's not as if the SunFolk can really fight- right? Or can they? What happened to Dart's Jackwolfriders? Are any left? I agree with everything Stephan said about the art. I'm really liking it in this issue. The colors are great and well used. The image of Winnowil is just beautifully drawn. It's very old school, but new school at the same time. Love it. Thought... Mender sure has a hero worship thing going on with Cutter and Leetah. Boy has issues. I guess if he can't have Ember- he is going to go for the second best thing. Dart. It's a little disturbing. And if Dart is pointing out his lust for killing... that's a little disturbing too. I mean- when Mender killed those human being by exploding their hearts, and didn't even blink- I have to admit I was impressed, and it's honestly the first time I've found his character to be attractive. But still- it's a little... hmm... sociopathic, honestly. Thought #2... Pike and Shen Shen are a nice couple.