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Picked up, and read, this issue this afternoon, and I'm pretty darned pleased (as I've been with all of the Final Quest, so far). Very happy to see Venka, Aroree and my little buddy Two-Edge back. It's been nearly 20 years since we've seen them, and fun as it's been to follow the main characters, I've been itching to know about this group since they're my personal faves (especially the Edge-meister; he's sort of my favourite character, along with Venka). Gotta agree with @MountainOwl, @Stefan and @lunakat on the art in this issue — it is amazing, and noticeably less smooth and “digital”-looking than it’s been up until now. For example, I quite like the the subtle ink-style crosshatching on Venka’s face (page 5 of the print edition; the panel that begins with “Slowly, a wry smile spreads over Venka’s bronzed features…” -- sweet!). It’s a subtle touch, but it’s a nice carryover from Wendy’s classic style and the days before colour shading was used to define shadows and details. Also… @Captainvimes:

from Cutter's comment about the Holt, it also seems he doesn't want it to be overrun with possible new elves. There might also be human tribes nearby and from Shuna's recent experiences they're probably not too keen on elves passing through the neighbourhood en route to one big magical elven jamboree
That makes all the sense in the world to me.