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maatkare22 said: Add me to those a little confused by Cutter planning on moving the Palace just as he wants to let all the elves everywhere know about each other.
Others have pointed it out, but I think that Cutter is simply thinking that an influx of elves might a) tax the resources of the Holt, and 2) some of them might be hostile. Removing the Palace from the Holt will eliminate the immediate threat.
maatkare22 said: Also...am I crazy but at the end of the original quest Suntop DID reach all the existing elves with the tale of their origins while manipulating the Scroll of Colors in the Palace. We saw the elf tribes we'd met represented, and each acknowledged that it was Suntop who likened them. (no Wavedancers because...we hadn't "met" them yet) So...why so much foreboding and trepidation?
That's an interesting observation. I think the elves that Suntop knew somehow felt his connection to the High One when she channelled through him to tell the Go-Backs and Wolfriders and Trolls the story of the Firstcomers. But I don't think that they actually saw what the Scroll of Colors showed. Remember, it wasn't until Rayek brought the Palace to the Sun Village that Savah actually saw the Scroll's story for herself. If anything, I think this was an early hint at Suntop's potential to serve as the living link between all elves. But he hasn't yet exercised that power in its full potential. At least not until issue #8!